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It’s Elementary: Curriculum to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Gabe Gerrish, 2019

Gabe came into the SAFE Men program feeling driven toward prevention work with children. This drive only grew while he further explored issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and other gender-based violence topics. As Gabe grew as an advocate, he felt that if children were given better skills in dealing with anger, hurt, and hardship they would develop better coping. Gabe felt passionate that if children were given more information and better tools, they would be less likely to perpetrate violence. He worked with SAFE Project’s Prevention Education Specialist, Amy, to facilitate a curriculum that explored social and emotional learning skills. Gabe and Amy presented to Montessori School and Spring Creek Elementary reaching over 100 students. Gabe and Amy have scheduled more presentations moving forward.


"SAFE Men has allowed me to become better connected with my community through an understanding of issues that plague it." Gabe


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