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Resources for Children

This page discusses child abuse and resources to help children who are currently being abused or witnessing abuse.

Parenting Resources

For information on child abuse and tips on parenting, please visit the links below.


Disciplining Your Child


Talking to kids about sexuality


Parenting Addicts



Signs of Child Abuse

There are certain characteristics a child may show when being abused



  • Has unexplained burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, or black eyes

  • Has fading bruises or other marks noticeable after an absence from school

  • Changes story multiple times when asked

  • Recent Problems at school


  • Shows extremes in behavior, such as overly compliant or demanding behavior, extreme passivity, or aggression

  • Is either inappropriately adult (parenting other children, for example) or inappropriately infantile (frequently rocking or head-banging, for example)

  • Is delayed in physical or emotional development.


  • Has difficulty walking or sitting

  • Suddenly refuses to change for gym or to participate in physical activities

  • Reports nightmares or bedwetting

  • Experiences a sudden change in appetite

  • Demonstrates bizarre, sophisticated, or unusual sexual knowledge or behavior

What Should I do if I Suspect Child Abuse?

EVERY person, private citizen or professional, in Wyoming who has reason to believe that a child under 18 has been abused is mandated by law to report the suspected abuse. Failure to do so is a crime. No person, regardless of his or her relationship with the child or family, is immune from reporting suspected abuse. A person making a report in good faith is immune from both civil and criminal liability.


Albany County Department of Family Services 307.745.7324

Laramie Police/Sheriff Dispatch 307.721.2526


For more information on WY State statutes regarding child abuse, click here.

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