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The SAFE Men Program is designed to empower and engage passionate men wishing to create positive social change surrounding domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. In today’s world and in our own community, many men see the need to address and prevent gender-based violence but may not feel properly equipped. SAFE Men training gives participants the right tools and education to serve as role models, positive influencers, change agents, leaders, and/or mentors who are able to address and prevent gender-based violence to bring about positive change in our community.

The SAFE Men program selects up to 10 local candidates to participate each year. Selected SAFE Men attend monthly meetings throughout the calendar year to receive intensive training and participate in group discussions on gender-based violence, challenging social norms that lead to gender-based violence, and preventing gender-based violence at individual, relational, group, and societal levels. Before the end of the program, each SAFE Men participant will develop and implement a self-directed project to address and prevent gender-based violence with children, youth, and/or young adults in Albany County.

I have really enjoyed using what I learned in SAFE Men to facilitate discussions about the societal influences that have pressured young men, and it has been a great way to unpack hypermasculine traits that can lead to dangerous behaviors. 



safe men 2020 alum



What is the time commitment for the program?

The SAFE Men Program lasts for one calendar year (January-December). During the year, each participant in the program will be expected to attend monthly meetings. These meetings currently take place every third Thursday of the month for two hours in the evening.

Other optional training or enrichment opportunities may become available during the year for SAFE Men participants, including the Campfire Initiative's Men Speak event, a summit on addressing and preventing gender-based violence with speakers from around the country, and potentially more.

What project will i do?

Each participant in the program will complete a project during the year, which will be completely participant-directed. Funding is available for projects that are directed at children, youth, and/or young adults and enhance prevention of gender-based violence, intervention, and/or response efforts.

SAFE Men are encouraged to draw on their current skills or community relationships for their projects, such as within their existing workplaces or through their involvement with established community programs or areas of interest such as youth services, schools, sports programs, mentorship opportunities, parenting groups, faith-based communities, etc.

Project ideas might be an education or awareness campaign or event, creating and implementing a prevention activity, adding trauma informed protocols around gender-based violence in their workplace, and much more. Participants will have a chance to work with other men in their program as well as our program facilitator and WCADVSA's Prevention Specialist to brainstorm, develop, and implement their project.

What happens after the program?

At the conclusion of the year long program, each participant will graduate as a SAFE Men alumni with the tools and training to to serve as role models, positive influencers, change agents, leaders and/or mentors who are able to address and prevent gender-based violence. Graduates will always hold the title of SAFE Men alumni as they have had the training and done the work to be considered a “SAFE Man” in our community.


Prevention & Outreach Coordinator, SAFE Project


Volunteer Coordinator, SAFE Project


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