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Welcome back, Albany County!

SAFE Project is open during our normal hours, 8AM to 3PM Monday-Friday. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment, as we are only working with one client at a time.

For your and our safety, we do ask a few things of you as we resume face-to-face advocacy:

  • Office services by appointment only; please call ahead if possible

  • Can speak over the phone any time

  • Requiring all clients and advocates to wear masks

  • All clients and children will be required to wash hands upon arriving

  • We are only working with one client at a time in our office

  • We understand the need to have support, but please bring no more than one support person

  • We will not be providing childcare; if it’s necessary to bring your child to the office, please call ahead if possible

You can reach the office at 307-742-7273.

As always, if you need to speak to an advocate immediately, feel free to call our 24-hour hotline: the number is 307-745-3556.

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