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This page discusses domestic violence within a LGBTQ relationship

Stalking, intimate partner, sexual and family violence do not only occur in heterosexual relationships.  The dominant heteronormative view excludes violence among individuals in gay, lesbian, and bisexual relationships as well as against individuals that identify as transgender or intersex.


Research indicates that domestic violence occurs in approximately 25-46% of same-sex partnerships - a rate comparable to that of heterosexual relationships.


Clinical work and advocacy with survivors show that the types of abuse gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender individuals experience are the same types of abuse that heterosexual survivors experience:  physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, spiritual, economic etc., but there are also significant differences that face LGBTQ survivors because of the deeply entrenched homophobia and heterosexism in our culture. 

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 Campaign's against violence in LGBTQ relationships.



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