Law enforcement in Albany County is trained to help with cases of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. You may choose to report fully to law enforcement, do a non-investigative report, or to get their assistance finding safety.

calling 911

Whether you call 911 for an active assault occurring or just if you feel unsafe and need help before you or a loved one is hurt, these are some things to know:

  • Each call is different and can be handled in various ways.

    • Call and Leave phone on!

      • If you call 911 and set your phone down, the dispatch can hear what is happening and send law enforcement to your residence, notifying them along the way of what they can hear in the background

      • Law enforcement is trained to not implicate any member of the household as the source of the call

      • This is the most discreet way to receive help and gain safety

  • Questions likely to be asked from the 911 operator include:

    • Who is in the house?

    • Are there children present?

    • Does the abuser have any weapons or access to weapons, not just firearms.

    • Are you safe? Are you able to get to safety? Can you lock yourself in a bathroom or get to a neighbor?

  • “I don’t feel safe here”

    • An officer will facilitate the separation to get you to a safe location

    • They can provide a ride to take you to a friend or family member

    • There are anonymous motels you can be taken to which are FREE for a nights stay.

    • You may be taken to SAFE project or have a SAFE advocate come to your aide.

  • An arrest may be made if physical evidence of an abuse is visually present.

    • Bruising, even a reddish discoloration of skin

    • Scratches

    • Torn clothing


If you decide to report to the Laramie Police Department, an officer will meet you to discuss what has happened. When the officer arrives they will begin collecting information:

  1. Do you need medical attention?

  2. Would you like a SAFE Project advocate present for any reason? Maybe you don't feel comfortable with the officer or maybe you would like initial guidance through the process.

  3. Trying to gather information about what happened is key if they can locate a perpetrator quickly.

  4. All of this is recorded on a body camera which can be used later for accurate reporting of the incident.

  5. You have options at this point:

  6. If you would like to go to the ER for a sexual assault examination by a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) to be performed, click HERE for information on what to expect from this process at Ivinson Memorial Hospital. 

  7. You may opt to go home

  8. You may want to call SAFE Project for further support or options.

  9. After the incident and you have gone home, Laramie PD requires 2 full sleep cycles before they do an in-depth interview.

  10. Studies have shown that immediate memory recollection of a traumatic event is not always accurate.

  11. The victim is in full control of this interview. The interview could be at the police station, at your house, you may have a SAFE advocate present

  12. The officer puts together the information into a case and presents this to the County Prosecuting Attorney.

  13. The Attorney will decide what charges can be pursued and the following steps will be determined from there.

  14. The Attorney at this point can also decide if more evidence or information needs to be collected for filing a charge

  15. If charges are being filed, the Victim Witness Program, services offered through the City of Laramie, are there to guide you through the entire legal process.

All of our services are free and confidential. We do not discriminate for access to services on the basis of real or perceived race/ethnicity, language, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, social class, economic status, education, marital status, religious affiliation, residency, HIV status, sexual preference, or national origin.


SAFE Project is sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Victim Services


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