Coaching Boys into Men

Jason Svare, 2019

Jason’s love of youth athletics suited him well when entering the SAFE Men program. With a strong history of little league coaching, Jason aimed to engage the youth he coached in positive youth development and healthy masculinity. He worked to include positive personal growth alongside athletic coaching. The youth that he worked with throughout the season showed a marked improvement in sportsmanship, respect, and grit.

"I enjoyed having time set aside every month to get together and talk about these difficult, important topics. For me, I feel more confident engaging in those conversations with others now, knowing that I am equipped with information. And at the very least, I know there are other guys, and Livvy, who have my back if I need it."


All of our services are free and confidential. We do not discriminate for access to services on the basis of real or perceived race/ethnicity, language, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, social class, economic status, education, marital status, religious affiliation, residency, HIV status, sexual preference, or national origin.


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